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Which kind of heating method is good for the heater: quartz tube heater

Which kind of heating method is good for the heater: quartz tube heater

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The quartz tube heater is mainly composed of a sealed electric heating element, a parabolic or circular arc reflecting plate, a protective strip, a power regulating switch and the like. It is heated by wearing a heating wire inside a quartz tube and heating it with a far-infrared quartz tube.

Advantages: fast heating, plug and heat, power consumption, energy saving, economical and practical.

Disadvantages: can not touch the water, no cover, the heating range is small, easy to produce open flame, consume oxygen.

What should I pay attention to when buying a heater?

1. Is it healthy and environmentally friendly?

Environmental factors are also a problem consumers need to consider when purchasing a heater. Consumers should choose products that are environmentally friendly when choosing a heater, so that consumers can fully enjoy the indoor environment.

2, visual inspection

When purchasing a heater, the user should pay attention to whether the outer casing is smooth and smooth, whether the paint layer is bright, whether there is any peeling or wrinkling. There should be no rust spots, air bubbles, etc. on the plating surface. There should be no defects such as cracks and shrinkage on the plastic parts.

The above is about the heating method of the heater and the relevant introduction of the heater purchase, I hope that everyone has a certain understanding of the heater, all kinds of heating heaters have their advantages, we need to according to their own family The situation is purchased.

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